Bio-Flo has done an excellent job of managing our grease traps and we can now focus on our core business of making great doughnuts.

Mr. Roy Lowery, General Manager

Bio-Flo diligent pursuit of quality service is helping Krispy Kreme be the kind of Corporate Citizen we strive to be.

Mr. Larry Roscana, Director of Safety and Environmental Services

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Wastewater Treatment in Atlanta, Nashville, Raleigh, and Beyond for Bakeries, Restaurants, and More – pH Compliance, Total Suspended Solids, BOD Water Treatment, and Other Pollutants

Specializing in wastewater treatment systems and management for bakeries and sweet good producers, Bio-Flo Service Company (BFSC) provides exceptionally efficient, advanced solutions to Clean Water Act compliance. Although the components of bakery and restaurant wastewater are extremely complicated and difficult to predict, the wastewater treatment experts at Bio-Flo specialize in this area and can successfully analyze and treat the water discarded from food facilities. Our deep understanding of the particulars of this industry, especially with regard to pH compliance and adjustment, results in exceptionally efficient systems and insightful recommendations that can help you avoid surcharges and reduce your environmental impact.

In addition to using the most advanced techniques available today, Bio-Flo continues to push the envelope with our research and development department, constantly searching for better, more efficient methods of wastewater treatment and then passing these discoveries and their benefits down to our customers. Whether you’re leasing one of our pH adjustment systems, or you want help with BOD or oil & grease water treatment, Bio-Flo’s innovative solutions will help you streamline your wastewater management and get back to the business of your business.

Dry Ice Blasting Services and Grease Trap Service, Installation, and Repair in Atlanta, Georgia and Surrounding Areas - Gwinnett, Cobb, Fulton, Clayton Counties and Beyond

In addition to our wastewater treatment and management services, Bio-Flo also offers dry ice blasting and grease trap service, installation, and repair. From managing grease trap pumping to ensuring a smooth installation, we can help you maintain an efficient, compliant facility. And, with our dry ice blasting, we also help you keep a clean, functional facility.

For more information on our wastewater treatment, chemicals, grease trap service or installation, dry ice blasting, or any of our other services, contact Bio-Flo today. Based outside of Atlanta, Georgia, we serve the entire East Coast.